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Last update on Mon/June 19, 2017. Defunct addresses have been removed. Explore all the sites! '*' indicates the newest listing(s)...

It's never to late to vote for your faves at Beverly Broadstone's Floaty Pen Page http://floatypens.tripod.com/index.html

Canadian Collector/Trader Debbie Carriere has unveiled her new site. https://floatypen.wordpress.com/.
Many pens from Canada are represented. You will enjoy your visit. (Debbie's website updated 3/6/2017)

Eskesen's website... www.Eskesen.com
This is the link to Eskesen, the Danish company that created the original float pen.
For over 60 years Eskesen has continued to manufacturer the finest float pens on the planet.
If you would like to include an official link from your website to Eskesen's website, you can use any of the graphic links posted here... Graphic links.

UK collectors, Susan and Russell Eisen have a fabulous new floaty website and blog. See for yourself ... www.floatypens.org

* Feb 2015. Anker Preben Fogtmann of Denmark, has been collecting float pens for over 50 years.
Anker has amassed over 13,000 float pens. Visit his site to arrange a trade! www.floatpens.dk.

Stephen Kenneth is the proprietor of 'The Floaty Pen Zone' www.thefloatypenzone.co.uk

Ber te Mebel's site is open and waiting for visitors.
While you are there, sign the guest book. http://www.beepworld.de/members20/bertemebel/.

Nancy Nerenberg's design-a-pen site www.floatart.com will walk you
through the process of custom pen designing

* * Nobi Ochiai moved her site in January of 2017. See her updated trading list here http://floatypens.web.fc2.com/.

Regina Merwin, owner of Operagraphics, has a variety of floaty pens available with an opera theme.
In fact, she carries many opera items. Visit www.operagraphics.com to place your orders.

Danish pen collector, Finn Sørensen has an extensive floaty website... http://www.pencollector.dk/.

Just like Libby Spatz, her page is a class act! Check it out! http://home.earthlink.net/~espatz/floaty

Rune Staxrud, in Norway, has over 2000 Eskesen designs for trade.
Visit soon... http://home.c21.net/pen-staxrud/htm/Eskesen-main.htm...

Tracy Uzzel's pens for trade page http://home.earthlink.net/~uzzel/pens.htm

Miranda Wittebol, one of the first and foremost collectors in the world, now has her own Internet establishment.
The site was introduced on Fri/June 15, 2001, the URL changed Jan/2013. You will enjoy the trip... visit often. It is a continuous work-in-progress!
Miranda's Floaty World http://home.kpn.nl/mwittebol1970/

Famous floaty collector Mr Zanat has plunged into the www world. His site is open and ready for trading. simscollection.free.fr/

Some of my faves, not related to float pens...

The Animal Rescue Page
When you arrive, click on the purple rectangle to earn FREE food.
Every click earns free food for rescued animals.
I have this on my desktop so I can click once a day... EVERY day.

Etsy.com is my first stop for handmade items and craft supplies.

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